University of Alberta Maternity Session with Jen and Mitch

May 25, 2015  •  1 Comment

On Sunday, David and I were off to one of my favourite spots to shoot - the University of Alberta Grounds.  Although we have been shooting there for years, it seems we still find a new spot to photograph in each time.  Today's session was close to my heart as Jen is the daughter of one of my oldest friends, Michelle.  I have known Michelle since at least Kindergarten.  Her grandma would actually look after me during lunch hours as my Mom was working and Michelle and I have lots of memories from that as well as our times at my grandparent's farm.  Remember gopher hunting, Michelle?  LOL.  

Anyway, Jen and Mitch are a very cute and fun couple.  Mitch is so funny and so mischievous - he actually reminds me a lot of David.  Jen, I really do feel your pain :-)  Seriously though, they make a great couple and I know they are going to be fantastic parents.  Jen and Mitch know they are having a baby boy and so I had some great ideas for this session.  One was a movie style poster and then some very comedic signs for them to pose with.  They were game for everything and for being 37 weeks pregnant, Jen was in fantastic shape and had no problem with walking, or sitting on the ground.  What a trooper!  

I hope that David and I were able to capture their personalities and the love these two share.  Thank you, Jen and Mitch for allowing us to capture this special moment in your lives.  I can't wait to photograph baby Hunter when he arrives!





Amber L Edwards(non-registered)
such beautiful pictures!! Beautiful couple! Cute baby bump! Can't wait to see Hunter!! Awesome pics!!
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