In Home Studio 9 Month Old session with Jacob and his Mom and Dad

May 11, 2015  •  1 Comment

On Saturday, we also headed over to Josh and Vanessa's brand new home to photograph them with their handsome son,  Jacob.  It was like our day for 9 month olds and I don't think they get any more adorable than the two we were lucky to photograph.  Vanessa was given a gift certificate for this session as it was one we had donated in a silent auction.  How lucky is that?  Jacob had the most amazing blue eyes and who wouldn't love his pudgy rolls!  We got some great smiles from him for our indoor part of the session, but with a park just down the street, we headed over there to grab some shots of Jacob's first swing ride as well as a slide ride with Dad and a car ride with Mom.  I just know Jacob is going to love this park as he grows - there are so many fun things to do there and to top it off, it is also a spray park!  Again, due to surgery, I sat on the floor inside and took the photos and outside, David took over doing many of the photos so that I would not be bending or stretching.  There were so many great photos from this session, that I had trouble picking out the sneak peeks.  Thank you, Vanessa and Josh for inviting us into your new home to photograph your family!




Josh and Vanessa(non-registered)
Candice, we just arrived back from our trip and were thrilled to see the awesome photos you took of our little family on May 9th!
We are so excited to see all of the photos from the shoot!!!
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