Rustic Family Photo Session with Marie, Dagen, Danika, Makena and Ella

August 21, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

On Thursday evening, David and I headed about an hour out of town to photo one of our favourite families who we have been photographing since their girls were newborns.  I always look forward to our annual session with them.  We first met up with Dagen, Marie, Danika and Makena and their beautiful dog, Ella, at a stone house that we had photographed a wedding at about ten years ago.  This sadly did not go quite as planned, so we quickly headed off to our second location about twenty minutes away which was Shonts Grain Elevator - also known as "Dirty Shorts" elevator.  If you want to know the story behind that one, just google it.  All I have to say is "boys will be boys."  

We had to wait about ten minutes for the rain to slow down to just a few drops so we could start the session, but I think we got some great photos of this beautiful family there.  I always love to include some fun shots of each of the family members to include in the slideshow we do.   We then headed back up the highway a few minutes to do some shots on the railway tracks.  I had a bunch of fun shots lined up for there and couldn't wait for this part of the session!  The girls are always so awesome and always willing to do the poses I ask of them even if it means jumping in the air as high as they can or balancing on the tracks.

We finished the last photo and as soon as we got into our vehicles, the sky opened up again and it just poured all the way back to Edmonton.  Talk about getting lucky and being able to finish the session.

Thank you so much Marie and Dagen for allowing us to photograph your family throughout the years and being able to see Danika and Makena grow!

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