Fantastic Summer Day for Maternity photos with Renay, Brandy & Family at Hawrelak Park

July 31, 2018  •  1 Comment

On Sunday afternoon, David and I were off in the heat of summer to Hawrelak park to meet Renay, Brandy and their three children for Renay's maternity photos. Renay was in an absolutely beautiful cream coloured maternity gown and looked stunning.  Both Renay Brandy were so friendly and easygoing.  We got to meet Renay's son, Quinton, and Brandy's son, Greyson and his daughter, Myah.  They are truly awesome children and were so easy to work with.  All three of the children were so great at posing for the photos, that it made our job so easy.  I swear Myah is either going to go into modelling or photography.  She is so pretty and photogenic and she also has a great eye for photography!  The geese, ducks and crows at Hawrelak park were so strange on this afternoon.  The geese and ducks kept coming right up to us, and I mean like within an inch or two.  At one point, I was about to take a photo and looked down to see a duck almost on top of my shoe!  Then, as we posed the family under a tree by the lake, three crows on branches above them, were looking down at them and one even tossed something down at them.  Greyson's head couldn't have looked up much faster as David told him there was a squirrel above him, and then playfully said, "oh wait, no, it's a crow!"  

David and I really enjoyed our time with the entire family and cannot wait for when Renay and Brandy have their newest addition in September!

Thank you so much to all of you for allowing us to photograph you during this special time!


a Dad, expectant mom and their two sons and daughter stand around a tree in Hawrelak Park Edmonton Maternity Photography at William Hawrelak Parksuch a great family

an older brother kneels behind a younger brother and sister on the grass at Hawrelak park Edmonton Family photography at William Hawrelak Parkthe children - so great!

a dad sits on the grass by the lake with his son and daughter at William Hawrelak ParkFamily photography, William Hawrelak Park, Edmonton a great dad with his two great kids

a man sits on a bench while his pregnant wife lays her back into his lap and places her feet up on the bench at William Hawrelak ParkMaternity photography in Edmonton at William Hawrelak Parksuch a great couple

an expectant mom's pregnant belly has five hands on it - mom's, dad's, and three siblingsMaternity Photography by Stolen Moment Photography by Candiceall hands on belly!

a mom to be in a beautiful cream coloured maternity gown  leans against a tree in front of the lake surrounded by geese at William Hawrelak ParkMaternity Photography at William Hawrelak Park by Stolen Moment Photography by Candicesuch a beautiful mom to be

a man stands under branches in front of the lake at William Hawrelak park with his arms around the shoulders of his pregnant wifeWilliam Hawrelak park maternity photography a fantastic couple


Renay Boyer(non-registered)
Candice and David are amazing at what they do. Thank you for such a wonderful experience and helping us to all feel comfortable. We look forward to seeing you in the future when our new bundle of joy arrives.
The Boyers
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