Adorable Newborn Photo Session with Yashvir and his family

May 14, 2018  •  1 Comment

On Friday, we welcomed, Yamanpreet, Navpreet, their one month old son, Yashvir and Yamanpreet's mother and father into our studio.  What a very nice family, we truly enjoyed spending time with them.  Yamanpreet and Navpreet had some great ideas they wanted for their photos and I think we were able to give them quite a few of those even if we put our own spin on them.  

Yashvir was wide awake for most of the session and such big, beautiful eyes.  Yamanpreet and Navpreet were naturals in front of the camera and were so easy to photograph.  

Thank you so much for allowing us the honour of photographing your new son.


a dad proudly holds his newborn son while sitting on floor with his wifeEdmonton newborn photography by Stolen Moment Photography by Candicesuch a beautiful family

a one month old boy lays on his tummy on a blanket looking into cameraNewborn photographers in Edmontonsuch a gorgeous baby

a dad proudly holds his newborn son on his armNewborn photography by Stolen Moment Photography by Candicesuch a proud dad

a mom cradles her newborn son on her shoulder while he's wrapped in a blanketEdmonton newborn photography by Candice and David of Stolen Moment Photography by Candicelove the peaceful look on mom's face

a baby sleeps peacefully while wrapped in a blanket and laying in a  basket Edmonton newborn photographylove how adorable he is

a dad kisses the cheek of his sleeping newborn son while holding him in his armsNewborn photographers, Edmontonone of my favourite shots - dad has the magic touch with his newborn son

a mom holds her sleeping newborn son to her and looks into the cameraNewborn photographers in EdmontonSuch a beautiful mom and baby

a dad holds his wife and kisses her cheek while she cradles their son and kisses his headEdmonton newborn photography Beautiful shot of this family

a dad holds his new son while his dad and mom stand on either side of himNewborn Photographers, EdmontonThree generations


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Very nice pics and awesome family
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