One Year Old Watermelon "Smash" Session with Cydney!

August 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

On Monday, we had a session with a beautiful little girl that we have been photographing since she was in her mom, Courtney's tummy.  We have photographed her every three months since her newborn session.  So, photographing her one year session was bittersweet.  I was extremely excited as always to photograph Cydney.  I mean, who wouldn't be, she is absolutely beautiful and so photogenic and those blue eyes - wow!  At the same time, I am going to miss watching all her milestones.  She has already accomplished so much in her first year as all babies do and for me to have the privilege of watching this growth is one of the many reasons I love my job.  Courtney and I discussed the one year session and Courtney decided instead of a cake smash, which believe it or not - not all babies like the texture or feel of cake, she would do a watermelon "smash".   It isn't a smash per say, but Cydney loved the watermelon and in the photos, it just popped.  Courtney also decided to include blueberries and cherries as well and they looked awesome in the photos as well and Cydney loved them too!  I could have photographed her all day, it was so fun to watch her many expressions as she ate the fruit.  


We did this session at the Royal Alberta Museum grounds which we have always found works great for the one to three year old children.  We got some really great photos with architecture, beautiful flowers, stone walls and greenery.  


Thank you, Courtney and Corey for allowing us to capture the special moments in your life, from your wedding right up until Cydney's first birthday.  We have loved spending the time with you and watching your beautiful baby girl grow.  


newborn baby in Mom and Dad's armsEdmonton Newborn Photography by Stolen Moment Photography by CandiceNewborn Cydney baby in Santa hatEdmonton Baby Photography by Stolen Moment Photography by Candice3 month old Cydney

smiling baby girlEdmonton baby photographerCydney at 6 months

baby girl in dress smilingBaby photographer in Edmonton9 month old Cydney

one year old girl smilingBaby photography in Edmontonsuch a great smile! One year old Cydney! One year old girl sitting among flowersBaby photographer in EdmontonA beautiful flower amongst the flowers One year old girl looking up and awayEdmonton baby photography by Stolen Moment Photography by Candicesuch a beauty! one year old girl sitting amongst a bunch of fruitEdmonton Baby photographerLook at all the yummy fruit one year old girl eating watermelonOne year old watermelon smash photographywatermelon! one year old girl eating watermelonOne year old watermelon smash photography in Edmontonyummmmm!!!!! one year old girl enjoying fruitEdmonton photography of one year old watermelon smashlooks so good family of threeEdmonton Family photographyWhat a great family! one year old girl eating watermelonOne year old watermelon smash photography by Stolen Moment Photography by Candicethis is so good, mommy!


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