1700s Engagement Photography with Lisa and Joshua at The Legislature Grounds

May 31, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

On Sunday afternoon, David and I were off to meet Lisa and Joshua at the Legislature grounds on a very hot spring day.  It was not hard to spot them in the crowd of sun worshippers at the legislature grounds as they were the only ones dressed in 18th century clothing and Lisa also had a beautiful white parasol.  Lisa is very talented and makes all the beautiful clothes.  

Their wedding is coming up very quickly this June and it will be a 1400's wedding with everyone in period clothing, knights, swords, and tournaments  Lady Jeanette will also be giving dance lessons.  We are very excited for this wedding!

David and I tried really hard to do the engagement photos in keeping with the 18th century rules - no showing your ankles, Lisa.  Although we deferred a lot to Lisa for her incredible knowledge of history.  If you ever want to know anything about any century, Lisa is the person to ask.  Also, in this engagement session, there was to be no kissing.  Joshua and Lisa have decided to save that for their first kiss at the alter.  

I hope that we did justice to this 1700's engagement.  Thank you so much Lisa and Joshua for allowing us the honour of photographing this special time in your lives.

an engaged couple dressed in 18th century costume pose in front of the fountain at the Alberta Legislature Grounds1700's engagement photography at the Alberta Legislature GroundsWhat a great couple!

an engaged couple in 18th century costumes pose in front of the doors at the Alberta Legislature Engagement Photography at the Alberta Legislature Groundsa very 18th century couple!

an 18th century dressed engaged couple pose on a tree at the Alberta Legislature grounds 18th Century engagement on the grounds of the Alberta Legislature Beautiful couple

a woman dressed in 18th century costume including a parasol peeks around a tree at her fiance also dressed in 18th century costumeEngagement Photography by Stolen Moment Photography by Candicepeek-a-boo an engaged couple dressed in 18th century costumes, re-inact the proposal while sitting on the grass at the Alberta Legislature groundsEngagement Photography in EdmontonWill you marry me?

a man dressed in 18th century costume, lays across the bench in Lois Hole garden at the Alberta Legislature grounds resting his head in the lap of his fiance while resting his hat over his face from the sunEdmonton Engagement Photographerstaking a break

an engaged couple dressed in 18th century costume, look into each other's eyes while photo is taken through water at a water fountain at the Alberta Legislature groundsEdmonton Engagement photographersgreat capture by David


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