Disney Head and Body Shots for a Beautiful Young Lady!

July 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Last week, David and I welcomed Emma into our studio with her mom, Jennifer to do some head and body shots for Emma.  Emma is auditioning for Disney!  I swear, Emma would be absolutely perfect for any Disney show.  She is full of smiles, has a fantastic personality and she can follow direction better than any one I know.  She poses exactly as asked and she smiles the most beautiful smile on cue.  In fact, it is hard for Emma to not smile!  We had so much fun with Emma and tried a bunch of fun poses with her as well.  She executed them all perfectly.  


Thank you Emma and Jennifer for choosing us to do these audition shots!  We wish you so much luck with your audition and we hope to see you soon on a Disney show!  

ten year old girl smiling at cameraEdmonton Best Portrait PhotographerWhat a beautiful smile!

girl posing for cameraDisney Audition Body Shot by Stolen Moment Photography by CandiceStriking a pose!

girl sitting and smiling for cameraDisney Audition head shot by Stolen Moment Photography by CandiceSuch a beautiful girl!

girl leaning on chair, serious faceEdmonton's best portrait photographerA serious face!



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